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African Hair Braiding

Glen Ellyn, IL | Greater Chicago

Our stylists grew up in Africa, where they learned the African hair braiding styles and techniques. Bubu's African Hair Braiding in Glen Ellyn, IL, specializes in African hair braiding. Our techniques are free of chemicals, all natural, and pain free. People of all ages, all hair types, and all walks of life come from all over the Chicago area for our hair braiding. Please contact us now with your questions or to make an appointment.

Collage of African hair braiding in Chicago

African Hair Braiding
Is For Everyone

Who is African Hair Braiding for? Everyone! It's for women, men, children, people of all colors, and everyone else. No matter your gender, hair type, or where you're from, African hair braiding can be for you. African hair braiding is for anyone who wants a great hair style. Bubu's Hair Salon welcomes you.

African hair braiding is for everyone in greater Chicago

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Box Braid, Kondrole, Senegali Twist, Dread Locks, Bob, and much more
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Lady's Hand Bags, Fast Grow Conditioner, Hair Color, Wigs
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Our hair braiding salon in Glen Ellyn, IL is a convenient drive from most of Greater Chicago.
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