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Frequently Asked Questions

Is African hair braiding painful?
At Bubu's, no. At some hair braiding salons, these styles can be painful. With our decades of experience, we use techniques that are not painful.
Will you cut my hair or use glue?
Some stylists do. At Bubu's we usually do not.
How long will my braids last?
Braids and twists can last up to three months. Cornrows up to three weeks. We offer a braid removal service so you can remove them at any time.
How long does African hair braiding take?
Four to ten hours. We have TV, phone charging, comfy seats, and Wi-Fi - not to mention, great company.
Can I go to a stylist after getting my braids?
Yes, but there is no need. We style as well, have decades of experience, and offer great prices.
Does it matter if my hair is permed?
No. You do not need a perm first, and having a perm will not interfere with your braiding.
How much does it cost?
African hair braiding can be economical compared to going to the salon regularly. Prices vary widely. Please contact us for an estimate.
Do you maintain braids?
Yes. Some salons will only maintain braids done at that salon. At Bubu's, we'll maintain braids regardless of where you had them done.


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